Miss. Hillary Strain

– – New to this blogging thing..

Hey Readers!

Sorry if this Blog site is a mess, i’m still trying to figure it all out and make it as nice as it can possibly be. I’m not use to blogging online, heck, i’m not even use to writing in a journal or diary so this going to be hard to get use to. I just finished my first week of living on my own and my first few days of University. I love living on my own, my apartment is so homey and i just feel like i belong here in Regina. I always hear the saying “Home is where the heart is” I never have quite understood it until now. Living here in Regina has been like a fresh start to my life. No one knows my past and they just accept me for who i am. I really don’t want to move back home after i’m done my first year. University on the other hand, i’m not the biggest fan of it so far. It’s definitely a huge change from High School and it’s going to take a long time to get use to it. This time next week, i will be getting ready for the KEITH URBAN concert. I can not express how much excitement i have to see him perform live I hear he is very good. His song that i have had playing on repeat a lot lately is his latest single “Long Hot Summer”. I’ll post a link at the end of this blog if you want to take a listen to it, I feel like this is one of my summer songs. It describes it pretty well i suppose. Well i think i’m going to wrap this first little blog up.. Don’t really know how to end this so i guess it’s goodbye until next time.

– Hillary

Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dtfBxUTXRY&ob=av2e


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2 thoughts on “– – New to this blogging thing..

  1. good start, Hillary!!! Looking forward to reading more updates.

    Mom xox
    P.S. University will get better…give it time!

  2. Thanks Mom for joining in, we value your voice.

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