Miss. Hillary Strain

Living life to the fullest and loving it – I love college!

Hey bloggers!

Thought i’d update you on the university life. The first week when i started this blog, i hated it. I disliked how different it was from high school and i was not loving the school life at all. Well, it’s different now! Hurray! I’m finally in the routine of things and I actually don’t mind University now! Sure, the workload is a lot (my regular university homework is my busy extreme workload from highschool) but i have my homework routine and i get everything done on time. I haven’t been stressed yet which is nice and i’m getting used to doing everything. I think i’m doing good balancing my school work with a social life, you can’t just be all book wormy right?! This past weekend my friend from home, Dwight, which i haven’t seen in forever came up for the weekend! We had a blast! It was great having all our friends together again.

Since i last blogged my roommate, Afton, and I bought two fish! Mako and Gilbert are the names, they are very cute. They are just regular gold fish but they are our little babies. We love them, we talk to them… if that’s normal… I had this past weekend to myself, well Dwight stayed at my place, but Afton went home… So the house is pretty quiet today. All i’ve been doing is laundry and homework.. BORING! But i guess that’s the university life for you. I’m excited for Thanksgiving to come, i can’t wait to go home and see all my family!

Well wrapping it all up now, just thought i’d update you on my experience so far. More to come!!

– Hillary


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