Miss. Hillary Strain

Home is where the journey first begins..

Can it just be next weekend already? I can’t wait to go home… This time next week i will be laying on the couch, relaxing in my home home. I really just hope this week flies by. I have a lot a lot of assignments, essays and tests this week so i’m thinking that those will make this week just drag by. So fingers crossed that it won’t.

Family comes first<3

This is my family. (Left to right) My big brother, Jordan, my dad, Chris, me and my mom, Janet. I never thought that i would become homesick or miss them because all of my friends from home are here in Regina. But after skyping with my parents i realize just how much you miss them, especially the little things. My mom, all her energetic psychoness. Pushing my dad out of the screen so she could fully be in the picture while skyping. While she talks her hands fly everywhere.  My dad, just how he is always so calm and looks on the better side of things. Never taking the bad into account. How he pretends to act cool by trying to say all the “young” slang. My big brother, even though we talk every day, i just miss the little things. Us fake fighting, wrestling, just our bonding moments of being stupid together.

I never thought i would miss just the littlest things. Maybe i’m a baby, or just being ridiculous. But i do miss them, and i just can’t wait for next weekend to come so i can see them all again. Along with the rest of my family because it’s Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving – A time where my whole family gets together and just rocks it.  My mother hosts Thanksgiving every year and the whole family comes to our house to have a big reunion, we eat, drink and just have a good time together. I have never been this excited for Thanksgiving to come around ever in my life. I don’t know if it’s just because i’m going through my first little stage of homesickness or if i just can’t wait to eat turkey and ham but  I can’t wait to see my parents, big brother and all my my cousins and relatives. We always get our food and head downstairs to watch the football game, but our main tradition is our 7-11 run. We always walk to 7-11 after we eat and buy slurpees. I don’t know how or why we started it, but ever since i can remember after supper we walk to 7-11 to get slurpees.

Like I said before, it’s the little things that i’m missing the most. All the little traditions and the way people act, you don’t realize how much you’d miss it until it’s gone. I guess that’s the main reason why i can’t wait to go home next weekend. Let’s get this week to fly by!



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2 thoughts on “Home is where the journey first begins..

  1. Well Missy Jones you bring tears to my eyes. I’m glad to hear you are missing us. It sounded to me like you were the hard nut like me when I was your age and it didn’t bother you to be away. Even with your friends so close you can’t replace your parent’s envolement in your life. I’m also glad to hear you miss Jordan the way you to used to fight it’s good to see you drawing closer to each other. I look forward to seeing Sally out front of the house when I pass the corner on my way home Friday from work, because I know that will mean your safely home for the weekend.

  2. I know exaclty what you mean. With my family away in Winnipeg, I only rarely get to see them. It sure is a blessing when I get too. Thanks for this post.

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