Miss. Hillary Strain

Past few online sessions

So the last few classes we have been having a lot of guest us different techniques on how to use the internet and such to help us in class.

Shelly Terrell  was one of the guest speakers and taught us a lot about P.L.E (Personal Learning Environments) pretty much just different places on the web to learn techniques of how to help you teach in a classroom. As teachers we want to influence our students to be passionate an love learning so that they will become life long learners.

David Jake  was also a guest speaker, he taught us a lot about the visual aspect in things about how less is more. How to stay on the legal side of things when you make presentations or post on your blog or website. He told us that people learn much better from words and pictures than from just one alone. Which i do agree, i learn better when i can visualize and talk about the picture. It’s way easier to remember. When we blog or add pictures to anything, we need to keep in mind to use images to communicate don’t decorate.

I always knew that less was more when it came to things, but i never really realized how true it was when i got examples shown to me.

– Hillary


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One thought on “Past few online sessions

  1. Glad to hear that the speakers are showing and directing you to great web sights to learn how to be the best teacher you can be


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