Miss. Hillary Strain


I decided to take my moms advice and do my learning project on Meditation.

I don’t know anything about it, i don’t even know if i believe it’s real and it will actually work but i decided that i will give it a try. I do get really stressed out around exam time or when my workload gets really high so hopefully attempting to Meditate will help calm me down. I also got some Herbal Pills that deal with stress so with these two new things i will be taking hopefully it will help and i will learn something!

I found this website that i think will help me a lot about learning how to meditate, relax and stay calm. http://www.learningmeditation.com/  i am very excited to start learning about meditation and i really do hope it will help me in the long run!





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2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I think this idea is AWESOME! I flirted with the idea of learning to de-stress myself and I’m really looking forward to what you’re going to share:)

  2. That sounds good. Every once in awhile, we need to meditate , especially on the most hopeful aspects in any situation. I guess that’s just me lol

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