Miss. Hillary Strain

Turkey Coma

Do i ever love Thanksgiving!! This past weekend was a good one that’s for sure! I got to spend time with family who i haven’t seen in a long time, got to spend time with friends and got to relax a lot as well.. I luckily finished all my homework that was assigned for the weekend the week before so i didn’t have to worry about any homework and just got to relax!

My mom had both sides of my family down and in total for the families that could attend we had about 20 people in our house, so it was nice and cosy! I loved spending time with all my cousins and family that day, i especially loved all the food! I ate a lot.. especially turkey and mashed potatoes.. my favorite!!!

Going back to school yesterday was rough, all the late nights and being able to sleep in definitely killed me. It ruined my sleeping pattern so it took me awhile to fall asleep on monday night then having to wake up at 7 tuesday was rough. My english teacher said that all of us are all in a deep Turkey Coma, which i know for sure i am!! I have never been this tired and so unmotivated to do anything!!

How are you guys feeling after the weekend?

Those with Blackberries, Are you guys having trouble with bbm and internet as well?


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