Miss. Hillary Strain

Tech Task #6

“Post your group’s video to your own blog. Write about the process, your contributions and learning.”

Hillary Strain, Courtney Adams and Leeanne Najborowski

Update: I think we have it so the video is public now. Don’t be too hard of critiques, this is our first video ever made using the “iMovie” app on macbook pro so we didn’t really know how to do some effects!

The process took a long time, we didn’t know where to video tape our project, how we should video our project  and the time limit we had in class was very difficult to finish without doing it out of class. We all contributed to the video evenly, we all did the same amount of time being video taped and all helped putting ideas together to make this video as great as we could. We all learnt how to use the “iMovie” app. on the mac book pro, it was all our first time using it so we had some difficulties at the beginning but once we got used to process we finished it. I hope you enjoy our amateur video, this is as good as it gets!


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6 thoughts on “Tech Task #6

  1. Hi Hill… not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get your video to play 🙂


  2. Hi Hillary and your two new freinds. I also tried to watch your video up to watch and it came up as a private video and I couldnt watch. I presume a person should be able to watch.


  3. Trina C on said:

    Hi, Hillary! You guys need to set your Youtube settings to public or to available if they have the link.

    Looking forward to seeing it!

  4. Nice job guys! love the film strip effect!

  5. The voiceover was really well done. Did you complete this in class? Nicely done, fast pace, easy to hear, clear message.

  6. Well girls I got to watch your project tonight. Fast pace, clear voices, got the message. If thats what your prof wants it looks like a good job to me.

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