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Attempt Number One!

I did some research on Meditation today and I learnt that it can actually change how we relate to the flow of our emotions and thoughts in our mind. It involves a type of inner attention to yourself that is quiet, concentrated and relaxed. Creating this inner attention will be difficult in the beginning but after you get into the hang of letting loose it will be come easier with time. In order to meditate you need a quiet place, you need to be in a comfortable position, be able to focus on letting your mind go free and have an open attitude to the experience. Meditation allows you to distance yourself from the flow of your thoughts and become an observer of the thoughts instead of participating and reacting to them.


Since I am a beginner to meditation, I had millions of questions running through my mind: What do I wear? Where do I sit? How do I sit? How long do I have to sit for? Luckily the website that I found today helped me answer the questions that popped into my mind. You need to wear comfy clothes, so I decided to wear yoga pants and a loose shirt and you need to find a quiet place to do your meditation. There is a special way to sit called “the seven-point meditation posture” but I am not flexible to maintain that position so I decided I would sit cross-legged. I read that a beginner to meditation should usually at their first attempt should try and meditate for at least 20-30 minutes.

I thought it would go by easily because I have some experience with focusing on things, my swim coach would get us to visualize on our upcoming race. She would get us to lay on the ground, close our eyes and get us to focus on what she would say. So keeping that in mind I decided that I would do my first attempt to meditate. I went to my room and sat on the floor near my bed, closed my eyes and started to breathe slowly trying to focus on clearing my mind. Ten minutes passed and I still haven’t noticed any changes. I actually felt pretty stupid sitting cross-legged on the floor of my room with my lights dimmed saying absolutely nothing. I tried for another five minutes then decided to quit.

I’m not too sure if it wasn’t effective because I was thinking more on how I looked while I was attempting this meditation and what would happen if my roommate walked in on me. Perhaps that could be why, I was concentrating more on how I would look instead of focusing on relaxing and just letting go. Another effect could be that I wasn’t really stressed or had anything on my mind. I just figured after reading information about meditation that it sounded interesting and I should try it. They say that most can meditate without feeling stressed or busy, they do it just to make them feel better with themselves, but this clearly didn’t work for me.


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7 thoughts on “Attempt Number One!

  1. Let me know if meditation works! I tend to get very stressed to, so maybe this will have to be something I try!

  2. One way to clear your mind is to concentrate on your breathing… try that, next time.

  3. your mom always get to reply before me. I think with meditation it will take more then one attempt to fully get the benifits you want. Keep trying and see what happens

  4. Trina C on said:

    Okay, I was motivated to give this a try after reading your blog post. Kids were asleep, husband was downstairs watching TV and I was alone upstairs. I sat on the floor, lit some candles and tried some of the techniques you talked about. My observations:

    * 20 minutes is a LOOOOOONG time for my mind to ‘rest.’ I kept wanting to make to-do lists and list of things to remember to blog about (HA!) I managed to do it but it was tough. I did really try to focus on my breathing.
    * A few minutes in, my husband came upstairs and found me “meditating.” Surprisingly, he sat down beside me and tried it, too. (Don’t tell him, but I found his breathing distracting. 😛 I had to work harder to concentrate on my own.) I think he mostly just went to sleep. I guess it worked for him. LOL

    I would try it again. I think it would work but I think it’s hard to give ourselves permission to just escape from our mind/thoughts, know what I mean?

    Can’t wait to hear more updates!

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  6. staceychomey on said:

    Hey Hillary, I was on Stumbleupon today and I stumbled across this website, somehow, its about prayers and meditation, I’m not too sure if you can use stuff like this, but here is the link anyways http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2esEtl/www.worldprayers.org/archive/index/meditations_index.html

    Happy Learning 🙂

  7. The one time I tried meditating was about four years ago. I fell asleep…

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