Miss. Hillary Strain

Tech Task #7

“Write a blog post about this session. Include some ideas and links you found interesting. Discuss ways you might incorporate these ideas into your classroom.”

This week we had a very interesting presentation by Silvia Tolisano. We learnt some different ways to connect our learning globally and that if you want to have Globally Connected students, you must be a Globally Connected teacher. There were many different examples that Silvia showed us but there were two in particular that stood out to me.

1) Skyping 

2) Silvia’s own idea “Teddy bears around the world” 

The skyping idea really made me think how cool that would be in a classroom. I know if one of my teachers had us skype with another class from somewhere in Europe i would be really interested in that. I think it would be very interesting for students to see how people on the other side of the world get taught or how they learn. I’m not too sure how that would work with me being a math major and all, but i definitely think my students would find it really cool to see other kids get taught math or how their working environment is like. I know when i was in high school most of the students talked during class and did hardly any work, but i’m thinking over in asia (because they are so dedicated and focused) that my students would be really shocked on how hard  the student sin asia work during class and how much they get done. That could perhaps  make some students here see that they do need to get down and crack open the books.

In Silvia’s blog she made a “Teddy bears around the world” page. In summary, she pretty much made up different types of Teddy Bears that live in different parts of the world, in her blog it allows students to follow the Teddies and learn about different cultural events or just information about that part of the world the Teddy is in. I know i wouldn’t personally do this in my high school classes, but i think that this type of project would be wonderful in an elementary school classroom. The kids would have a blast creating the Teddy and making up different events and activities it does. They could also just have one Teddy then let it travel to the different countries as they learn throughout their history class. On top of them having fun creating this type of project, they are also learning about different parts of the world, so all in all it’s a great idea that Silvia came up with!


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