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Just some research..

This week I have been too busy to actually practice my meditation, so i decided to do some research on it instead. I wanted to figure out where it first oriented, why people meditate and what meditation does to the body.


When most of us think of meditation, we automatically picture it being practised by Buddhism or Hinduism. Which is true, the earliest recorded evidence of meditation in written form is found in Hindu scriptures that date back around 5,000 years ago. Throughout the years, it seemed to spread to other religions as well, there were also plenty of evidence found in other religious texts including christianity, Judaism, and taoism. Theres were the first texts to actually describe meditation as a formal practice.

I am practising meditation to eliminate stress that is caused by school and life in general. On this blog that i found, they listed the top ten reasons why people should meditate and explained each reason in great detail. I will just name off the list, i won’t explain them but if you want to learn more about the list hit up the website.

1) Gain inner peace.  2) Increase your self awareness.  3) Makes you grounded and calmer.  4) Makes you present.  5) Increases your consciousness.  6) Source of inspiration.  7) Rejuvenates you.  8) Cures insomnia.  9) Increases your spiritual connection and 10) Increases your fulfillment of life

Yes i do realize that it says "Donations for earthquake in Italy", this is the only picture i could find with only a red cross)

The benefits of meditation are manifold because it can reverse your stress response, protecting your body from the effects of chronic stress. While you practise meditation, your heart rate and breathing slow down, your blood pressure normalizes, you use oxygen more efficiently, and you sweat less. Meditation also helps your mind age at a slower rate and your immune function improves as well. It also clears your mind leaving you with a “fresh start” when you finis. Meditation also makes it easier for people to give up terrible habits like smoking, drinking and doing drugs. So really, meditation helps make you a healthier person!



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One thought on “Just some research..

  1. This showed up in my Google Reader right after your blog post! Interesting: http://mindshift.kqed.org/2011/10/how-meditating-helps-with-multitasking/

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