Miss. Hillary Strain

Tech Task #8

“Find and play an educational game. Write a short review on it. Consider Sylvia’s perspectives and your own as your write. “

I remember back in middle school when we would have a free class in the computer lab we were aloud to play games, but the catch was that we had to play educational games. I remember the website that i always went to was www.factmonster.com so i decided to check it out today.

Being the math geek as i am, i obviously picked a math game to play. The game was under the category “Fraction Cafe” and the game title was “Compare Fractions Using Pictures”  So i decided easy enough i will choose that one to do my review. As i started playing it, i realized it was hardly about learning fractions at all. What we had to do was just look at the pizza that they created which they cut into slices and decide if the slices they cut were “fair” or “not fair”

I think that if they really focused on more of what type of fraction they cut it into it would be more of an educational game. This game is more of a visual game, you don’t really need to know your fractions in order to play. You just have to be able to see if the pieces that he cut were even or not. I would personally not use this in a classroom, they don’t use any information about fractions or teach anything about fractions. So if you don’t understand how to do fractions, it doesn’t matter because it’s a visual game. You just have to be able to tell if the pieces are fair or not fair.


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