Miss. Hillary Strain

Will this ever end?!

This week just began and i already want it to be the weekend!! Like holy cow, there is so much to do and so little time! I have never seen my agenda this busy in my life.. can i say stressed?!  I have so many essays and just random papers to do, i have a french chapter test friday, a math midterm next week (which is going to be the hardest thing of life) and just general homework ontop of it all! I feel like i have hardly any time to do anything! Looks like i gotta meditate tonight and hopefully it will work this time round because i need to get things off my mind!!

I feel like i am constantly doing work! I never get one day to relax, i’m always constantly doing school work or constantly studying. My roommate and lots of my friends hardly have any homework and it’s not fair at all! Why can’t i get some time to just relax and be stress free? Looking at my next semester, it’s definitely not going to be! ugh.

On a brighter note, i just realized that this is the last month of school! HOW CRAZY IS THAT. This semester has flew by! I feel like i just started university the other week… I can’t wait to be done school, i need that 3 week long break! I need to just relax and do nothing for once.

Well to close this ranting note (sorry to those who read it) i will end with lyrics from the band  O’Jays..

“Living for the weekend everyday!!”


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2 thoughts on “Will this ever end?!

  1. If there’s any piece of advice I would give is Don’t Just Live For The Weekend! With only 2/7 of our time on weekends we see the other 5/7 of time as dreadful. That’s how too many people live. Focusing only on what’s to come and forgetting there’s some value in the now.

    I realize that sometimes school and life sucks and is hard but if there’s anyway you can live to appreciate the moment, even as challenging as it may be sometime, you’ll have figured out a real secret to living.

  2. Hillary you have always been a hard working student and have been successful at every thing you do. Maybe those people with all the spare time aren’t doing proper projects and essays etc. You know that all your dedication to school will turn you into the best teacher you can be. Head up, take a breath and continue with the great work.
    cjs aka dad

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