Miss. Hillary Strain

Attempt #2

My parents have been following my blog so they know about my learning project. My mom was up this past thursday and she was telling me that she has done some research on meditation or just some episodes of tv that she was watching was to do with meditation. She told me that she learnt when people are first starting to meditate, they don’t usually go for 20 minutes right away (like the one website told me to do) She said that she learnt people start off with a little amount of time, like 5-10 minutes, and then eventually work their way up to a longer period of time.

I also decided to figure out why people tend to “hum” and such while they meditate, according to this site http://www.theabeforum.com/forum2/5392.html people hum while meditation to help focus. While you are meditating you need to block out all your thoughts and concentrated on clearing your mind. People add the “hum” in with their meditation to help themselves focus on calming down..

So for my second attempt i decided to go for only a short duration and decided to try humming during (even though i felt like a complete psycho doing so) because i couldn’t concentrate on just my breathing only.  I stuck in my ear plus, which my mom left for me (thanks mom!), so the room was completely quiet and i started to try meditation for a second time round. I closed my eyes and started breathing and humming.  It felt like it had been a long time so i looked at the clock and only about 5 minutes had passed.  After finishing looking at the clock though, i felt really tired and a little relaxed.  Maybe this is a sign that it worked for that little amount of time. But anyways, that’s my update for my second attempt. The result that was different than last time was that i felt tired and more relaxed. I still have things running through my mind after those five minutes but i’m not too worried about them anymore.


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3 thoughts on “Attempt #2

  1. Good Job Hillary… you’re on the right path now…keep it up and if may be your lifesaver!!


  2. Trina C on said:

    I hope you continue to see that it’s worthwhile for you, Hillary! I haven’t tried it since my last time but I think it’s time to give it another shot here, too!

  3. Something that can help the concentration is using a timer – something with a nice calm end sound though! There’s some apps and things.

    It means you’re not distracted by wondering how long it’s been or “am I done yet” – you just set if for whenever, I started with ten minutes and away to go.

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