Miss. Hillary Strain

Tech Task #9

“In the spirit of sharing, add one of the following to your blog:

  • Shelfari (books)
  • Diigo (bookmarks)
  • Youtube
  • Twitter (if you don’t already have it on your blog)
  • Other widget that you can easily share content
If you not using any of these services, you’ll need to create an account. Consider sharing things are are valuable to you as opposed to simply completing the exercise. Also consider blogging about it. “
Yesterday night we had the wonderful opportunity to join Alec Couros’s class and watch my prof, Dean Shareski, do a presentation for Alec’s class.  Dean talked about sharing.  So this week the tech task is to find something to share.  It was kind of convenient that this is this weeks tech task.  I have about an hour and a half break in between each of my classes on tuesdays so i decided to do a major update on my blog. I decided to do a new theme and added some different widgets onto the side of my blog. One of them was twitter!! So if you look at my blog, on the right side of my page twitter will appear. It’s right under the calendar widget. I’m using twitter a lot lately, so i hope you’ll get some laughter out of some of my tweets.

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