Miss. Hillary Strain

Attempt #3

So tomorrow is my big part b midterm for math 110.  The stuff that we learnt in this half of the units was really hard to me so i have been studying by butt of trying to memorize and comprehend everything that i have to know. So tonight, i studied for a good hour. Afterwards i took a little break and got kind of stressed! What if i haven’t studied enough? I need to get back at er!  My mind was racing and i got actually really panicky!  So i decided i needed to calm myself down, i had a nice long hot shower and then decided to meditate.

I got two comments on my last attempt, one was from a lady named Leia. She suggested that i set a timer to a certain time then just meditate until it goes off. This way i wouldn’t be wondering how long i have been meditating for or if i was actually accomplishing something. I decided to take her advice! I put the timer on my phone for 10 minutes, stuck my ear plugs in a went to my routine for meditating.

Today i felt like i got really relaxed.  I always close my eyes while i meditate, but sometimes i like to open them during the process. When i tried to open them this time round, they would just automatically go back shut. They felt heavy.  I’m not too sure if it was just because the hot shower made me feel fatigue then concentrating on the  heaving breathing i was just slowly putting me to sleep or if i was actually meditating. Next thing you know my alarm went off! The time seemed to fly by this time round. I feel like my body might be slowly getting used to this meditation thing.. awesome!


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2 thoughts on “Attempt #3

  1. That’s awesome Hillary… see.. it’s working.. keep it up and it will be part of your routine… something you can do any time…any where!!


  2. Thanks for sharing Hillary. I’m definitely going to be paying attention for ways to relax and meditate.

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