Miss. Hillary Strain

Tech Task #10

“Choose a specific outcome from the Saskatchewan Curriculum. List it it and find 2-3 Smartboard activities or plans that would meet that outcome. Post the links to your site and add any commentary about the difficulty and/or modifications you might need to make. “

I went on the website exchange.smarttech.com and found some really cool smart board applications that would work really well in a classroom.

1) Gumball Math This application would work really well in a grade 1-3 classroom. It’s a simple way of to help kids figure out how to do addition and subtraction. It uses different colors to make it exciting and fun and then it also helps visually by being able to see all of the different things you have to add/subtract. For example: Amy bought 4 blue gumballs. Then Any bought 3 yellow gumballs. How many gumballs does she have all together?. You will put 4 blue circles (gumballs) in one square and 3 yellow circles (gumballs) in the other and then you can easily visually see and it will help how you do the math.

2) Down On The Farm This is an application particularly for kindergartens, maybe even grade one. This smartboard application uses a lot of hands on work. The kids can pull away blocks to reveal the name of the animal, drag the name to of the animal to the picture of the animal. The kids can also click a certain dot and it will play a sound, then they will have to erase the box to reveal what animal it is and all different types of applications like that to help the children learn animals. They will be able to learn very well because of all the hands on work and visual activities.


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