Miss. Hillary Strain

What’s good?

Most of us students are stressed, homesick, etc.  so A lot of our blog posts and twitter posts seem rather depressing to our teacher Dean. Which i must admit, i am guilty! I have been making some sad tweets haha so in ECMP355 last night, Dean opened the class with the question “What’s good?”  He wanted to know the good things in our lives. It didn’t matter what it referred to,it didn’t have to just focus on life it general it could be anything – the weather, what you had for supper, your favorite sports team, anything!

When Dean asked this question the immediate thought running through my mind was: How is life good? I’m a stressed, broke university student who is homesick and just wants this semester to be over with!  But once Dean kept on talking about how it’s not about just life in general it could be about anything, it made me realize that we never stop to cherish the little things.  I need to stop looking at things as a whole.  There are other little moments, events or occurrences that i experience throughout the day that i never seem to recognize that do actually make life fun and interesting.

Some little things are: The food I eat.  I am lucky enough to have a great mom who made me a mini lasagna a couple weekends ago that i could bring here to Regina, freeze it, and heat it up whenever i wanted to have a great supper.  I am also lucky enough to have enough money to buy the food i want and to have an open selection to anything that i would like to try, instead of living off the classic university kraft dinner and grilled cheese diet.  The little funny text messages or voicemails that i receive from friends are another thing, something i just read and pass on.  I never really have realized how much those little things brighten my day, i can look back and reread texts or relisten to voicemails that have been sent to me and make me in a much better mood.

This question “What’s Good” was a good realization for me.  I am guilty for not looking and appreciate the little things that happen in life.  I need to stop looking at what is happening in general that could be bringing me down or putting me in a bad mood, stop letting little things bug me that shouldn’t and start looking at the little things that really brighten up the day.  These little things, even if it’s just the sun coming out and melting all the disgusting snow and ice away can really make your day better if you focus on it.


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