Miss. Hillary Strain


I feel like I am constantly stressed.  I think that fact that I am insanely homesick and life is heading through a bumpy road isn’t helping either.  I have been meditating a lot lately but I have been forgetting to post about it.

Each time I meditate the results are all different.  I recall a few times when I have been meditating I would be focused and it seemed to be working and doing it’s job.  Next thing you know a thought would pop into my mind. Usually it’s “how am I going to blog about this” or “I shouldn’t forget to post something about my experience” After I would just start thinking about that instead of focusing on my breathing and humming like I should have.  So a few attempts would work for the most part then I would just get distracted.

Other times it works perfectly fine.  I would go for about 15 minutes straight with just clearing my mind and focusing on my breathing and humming trying to make myself be relaxed.  When I finished, i felt great!  It felt like i woke up from a nice deep sleep, i felt refreshed and ready to conquer whatever was given to me.

Meditation is all about focusing, it takes a lots of mental energy to keep focus and let yourself lose your trail of thought.  I’m starting to realize that meditation is really something that I should have looked into a long time ago.  When i do it properly and don’t let myself interrupt my focus, i feel great!  It’s like a brand new me, I’m refreshed and and no longer stressed or worried about what may occur.

From my experience so far, i would definitely recommend meditation to absolutely anyone.  It sure has helped me out a lot and i’m sure if anyone does it, it would help them.


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One thought on “Attempt

  1. I am no expert (or novice, or actually even remotely qualified to state this) but I bet meditation is as much about the process of reaching a clear mind as it is about clearing your mind. Those things you think about when your trying to calm your thoughts are things that your mind needs to deal with before it can move forward. I usually think through things when I walk (no music, distractions, etc.) and find that once I have processed everything I have whirling through my brain, I’m able to relax. Just two cents from someone who knows nothing about this subject matter.

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