Miss. Hillary Strain


**  Warning:  This note is a complaining note.  I suggest you don’t read it if you do not feel like hearing me rant. **

My grade 10 year i finally saved up enough money to buy my first car, well my parents and I split it half and half but still, I bought it.  Anyways, it is a 2003 chevy cavalier and it was an amazing little car.  I was in love with it (as you can tell in the picture below) up until this past year.  This car started to burn oil, and when i mean burn oil, i mean burn oil.  This car just loves to eat it up, she does it like it’s her day job!  I spend more money on oil than i do gas.  For example: I have to add about 3 quarts of oil to my car for my 2 hour drive home to Swift Current.  I’m getting so annoyed with this vehicle that i just had to complain about it!

Thank you for putting up with my ranting blog, if you took the time to read it that is.


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One thought on “Cavalier

  1. I just got my first car, and I just found out my wiper fluid has a gaping leak. Not a fun time, right?

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