Miss. Hillary Strain

Differentiation As A Preservice Teacher

As a Pre-Service teacher, I believe that differentiation is suiting the unique needs of the individuals in your classroom. Whether it is through learning, feeling comfortable in the class, or just their overall needs in general.  The way a teacher can differentiate in his or her classroom is by having a variety of learning styles included in their lesson (visual, audio, modelling, etc), make adaptions in the assignments for weaker or stronger students, or even giving a variety of options for the assignment (make a collage instead of writing the essay).  I believe that it is important to keep this in mind while we are teaching, each student deserves a good experience and be successful in the classroom and in order to do so, you must be able to and be willing to reach their needs.

Since there is no guarantee that one method of teaching will satisfy the needs of each student in the classroom, the teacher needs to be able to adapt and make changes to their teaching styles and assignments to help benefit each student.  It can be a very challenging aspect of the profession but it will not only help you grow as a teacher, but it will help your students be able to grow as well.  I believe that it is important to keep all your students in mind while creating a lesson.  A teacher shouldn’t take the “easy” way out for lessons preparation and teaching because it will be less work for them.  A teacher needs to keep each of their students in mind and provide a variety of different approaches, skills and ways to complete the task given.


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