Miss. Hillary Strain

Knowing Your Learners

One of the most beneficial things a teacher can do to improve their lesson and classroom environment is getting to know his or her students.  Once a teacher learns about the students that will be in their classroom, he or she can then make adaptations to the lessons that will be taught and make the classroom environment more suitable/at home like feeling for the students.

While I was reading the article, I came across many things that I already knew/have learnt as an intern and even as a student which I believe are important to keep in mind while in a classroom.  Students vary in intelligence levels and it is your job as a teacher to meet these needs, whether they are above average or below average, and adapt your lessons accordingly.  Some students will succeed faster in certain subject areas, where as others will need more time and more detailed instruction in order to understand.  Something I learnt from the reading was that it would be a great idea to keep note of these students so that you can make sure you adapt your lessons for them.  Whether that has to do with creating separate assignments to meet their needs, make extra work, or even have extra help time.  You can record how well they did on which part of the lesson or in which areas they need to improve on to make it easier for you to create adaptations.

Another topic that was discussed during the article was the many cultural differences that will appear in your classroom and how we should include as much of it as possible into our lessons and classroom environment.  This I believe could be a little difficult to do, I understand the importance of it and I believe that it is important as well, but how can we do this without leaving someone out? Especially when we must try and incorporate this into our lessons little own our classroom environment.  We want the students to feel welcome and not have to worry about people thinking/judging their cultural background so we must find a way to ensure that this occurs. While I was reading this section in the article it made me think back to my ECS 300 placement. I was in a very diverse school and they did a fantastic job on ensuring that each student felt welcome and didn’t feel different.  When you walked into the school, the first thing that you saw was a wall with a blown up poster of a world map on it.  On this map they had pictures of i’m assuming all of the students that were attending the school and placed them from the country where they were originally from.  I think that idea is a great idea that anyone can do and could make the diversity of your classroom more comfortable and cultural aspects easier to include in your lessons.

Clearly knowing who your students is a very important thing to know to make sure your lessons, classroom environment and your students are successful.  When a teacher takes the time to learn and ensure that these occur the student-teacher relationship will grow and this will make the learning and teaching a bit easier for everyone.


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