Miss. Hillary Strain

Class #3

Unfortunately I had to miss this weeks class due to O.C.R.E (On Campus Research Experience) our Professional Development/Team building experience with my math major group.  It was an awesome opportunity, I learnt lots from the presenters we had and also had a lot of fun with the activities we chose to do. Since I missed the class, I had to miss the presentation about Assessment in RPS which was a bit disappointing to me because as of right now that is where I would like to teach after I graduate, so it could have been a very beneficial presentation. Also, thank god for technology because I don’t have to worry about the big things that I missed during the lecture! Luckily my prof posts the slideshows and things that they went over in class that day on our class blog.  I had full access to the powerpoint, any rubrics and handouts that were giving during the class I missed.

Near the end of last weeks class we already started talking about the topic that they discussed this week, Tiers and Interventions.  It’s actually a new subject to me, I never knew that students get classified into Tiers depending on their learning abilities/abilities in general.  I knew that the teachers kept in mind and were aware of each students abilities and needs but I never knew that they were actually classified into different Tiers and were kept on record.  In this weeks class it looks like they focused a bit on more of the interventions that can be done with these Tiers.  Here is a site that explains what can be done and different approaches used in RPS.  It is interesting for me to learn all of these, because as stated before, I never knew it existed.  I wonder if I will be able to see these records during my pre-intership and internship. Something else that my prof posted was a link to help us with creating rubrics.  You can find this here.  I think this is very handy and useful! It goes step by step on how to create a proper rubric, what to write for the standards of each grade, and many different tips that one can use while creating one.  I am very excited to be able to use this for my future projects and in my future classroom to ensure that I am creating a fair rubric, and it will make it easier for me to create one too by using the guidelines given.

I’m starting to realize now that I am taking these higher education classes how all the little behind the scene stuff that occurs in a school have such a big impact on teachers.  There is so much that one has to do and be aware of.  It is a bit scary thinking about this and learning all these different little things, but I believe that with a little help from colleagues and administration things will hopefully go smooth.


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