Miss. Hillary Strain

Class #4

We had the opportunity to look at a sample of a transition report for a student moving from grade 8 to grade 9.  The report included his final grades, any adaptations that were used to help him, a checklist of skills he could do and a detailed list of the assignments/projects/tests that he or she did or did not complete for each class he or she was taking.  We then had a list of questions to answer based on the information we were given which were based on attendance, what the marks tell us, any patterns within classes, etc.

I loved this activity and thought it was great to go over to get us an inside scoop of something that most likely occurs every year. I have realized that students do get “carried” along with their classmates and no one can really get held back anymore. This transition report really showed me how one can get by with only passing one class.  I also never did realize that the “trouble” students or ones who don’t put any effort into the class gets a detailed report writing up about them that gets passed on to future educators.  This report allows the future teachers to plan ahead and think of ways that they can adapt their lesson, make their lessons more interesting, or have a T.A. in the classroom with them to help push this student into success.  But while I was going through the progress report, there were two things that popped into my head.  How do teachers have the patience to put up with this? and Why aren’t the teachers trying different approaches to help him succeed?  I know I don’t know many details on what they did to try and help them or if they changed anything, but I feel as though all the zeros on his transcripts could have been influenced somehow.

As a future teacher, and I understand that it is probably a lot harder than one thinks, but I believe that one should give students options on the assignments or to choose what they would like to do.  Like instead of doing a take home assignment let the students do an in class activity that reflects their knowledge on what they have learnt. Or instead of an essay, let one do a collage or a powerpoint presentation, something that interests them and will be easier for them to portray their learning.  The assessment that comes into play during these variety of projects will have to be very similar, just because one chose to do a powerpoint doesn’t mean that it will be easier than the essay.  A teacher must keep in mind to make sure everything is fair and people are getting assessed the same way.


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