Miss. Hillary Strain

Class #6

Today in class we read the article “Keep Behaviour in Report Cards” featured in the Saskatoon Star Pheonix.  When we first discussed behaviour issues, I immediately thought of kind of the obvious, I thought it would be about kids acting up in class, not listening, being a distraction, etc.  When I got the opportunity to read the article, I realized that behavioural issues included kids being late for class, not handing things in on time and plagiarism.  We then had a big discussion on the topic of whether someone’s behaviour should be included in the report cards.  We were split into groups of four, two were for the subject and two were against and afterwards we had a class discussion.  I got assigned to be against the topic of behaviour being included in report cards and I could tell you that my opinion was all over the place.

I have never thought of behaviour being included in report cards before but once I read the article it completely changed my mind.  As we discussed in class, even though behaviour isn’t included in the curriculum, we believe that it is our role as educators to prepare our students for living in the real world as well as preparing them IQ wise.  Even though it is important to have good grades and be intelligent to be successful in the real world, it is also important for people to understand how to be “street smart” as well.  One could be very intelligent when it comes to their occupation but it is also important for one to understand how to behave and act during a certain situation.  I supposed one could call the teaching of behaviour, attitude, and how to act in public would be under the hidden curriculum that is found in schools.

Whether these behaviour habits should be included in the report card should depend on the situation.  I believe that it is important to inform the parents on how the student is doing socially/behaviour wise in the classroom but whether one should be marked on their progress doesn’t seem right to me.  I feel if a student was causing trouble, his or her parent would already know about it and it wouldn’t be any news.  Perhaps a child is extremely shy, how could a teacher mark their behavioural habits because the teacher doesn’t really know the student.  Perhaps maybe this is where a comment box could come into play.  A teacher could leave a comment, if needed, to inform the parent if there is anything he or she is concerned about.

With all of our class discussions and topics that my prof, Tracy, brings up during class, it makes me realize how much I have missed that is included in with teaching.  All these little issues and things that are being brought up are making me realize that here is a whole lot more to the job than just preparing the lesson and teaching it.  I am kind of shocked at how much I am learning in this short little time so far and I am starting to realize that my own opinions and beliefs are forming.


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