Miss. Hillary Strain

Class #7

To begin the class, our unit plans were peer assessed by another partnership within the class. I have never experience a peer assessment where our evaluation wasn’t summative.  It was kind of nice because it allowed my partner and I to see where our peers thought our lesson plan stood at the time and we could make improvements from there without having to worry about our mark being affected by this little check in.  This process was actually very beneficial for my partner and I because it allowed us to see another piece of work that was being assessed under the same rubric, and it allowed us to have a different view on how to present/organize our unit plan.

After our peer assessment, we had a presentation from Tim Calaval and the Government of Saskatchewan. His presentation was mainly focused around the different forms of assessment that the Government does on the schools within Saskatchewan to determine their performance levels and how that school compares to other schools provincially and nationally.  It was actually very interesting to hear that the Government assesses our schools and see where they stand. I always thought and viewed assessing in schools by teachers towards their students.  I never took a step back and looked at the larger picture to see that assessment occurs within all  levels of and organization or structure.  It was a real treat to be able to hear him discuss all the different aspects of what he does and how it affects individual schools etc.  It almost gave us a little bit of a sneak peak with something that we could potentially be dealing with in the future.


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