Miss. Hillary Strain

Class #8

It’s hard to believe that this week’s class is our last class of the semester!!  We begin our “three week block” (pre-internship) next week so we will no longer be having class during that time.  It’s hard to believe how much my views and opinions of assessment have changed over this time being.  Not only have they changed due to class discussions and getting opened to a variety of different ways to assess, but I have had the opportunity to create two unit plans in which we had to include our assessment tasks that allowed me to realize which types fit where.

When I began this course, the only type of assessment I was familiar with was tests, assignments and quizzes.  The typical “easy way” out of assessing students.  I wasn’t really familiar with any types of formative assessment/assessment FOR learning/assessment AS learning.  It’s amazing to look back at my first blog entry to see that these were the only types of assess that I was familiar with/had an idea/heard of.  I believe my learning really took place and started to make an improvement was class five where we did a carousal on different types of assessment (see my 5th blog entry).  We got the opportunity to spend 15 minutes at 6 different stations and learn about the type of assessment that was placed at that station and even received some resources.

This weeks class we discussed Damion Cooper’s Big Ideas on assessment. Click here to read about him and his 8 different big ideas on assessment.  This seemed to be my confirmation about my learning journey for assessment. As we discussed the 8 big ideas, I reflected on how comfortable I would feel about these big ideas prior to this class and how much I feel more comfortable with these ideas now.   I realize that I am more “on my way” on most of his big ideas and being able to apply my knowledge and perform them in the classroom. Whereas if I were to receive these on day one I would be at a “beginning” or even “not applicable”.

It’s really interesting to see overall how more confident I feel with assessing and the different types of assessment that one can use for grades and just for feedback.  I am looking forward to seeing which types of assessment I will be able to use during my pre-internship and which types of assessment will be natural to perform and kind of unconsciously performed during the experience as well.


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