Miss. Hillary Strain

Assessment everywhere!

I have complete my first week of pre-internship and I believe that I have been exposed to an ample amount of assessment thus far.  I have had the opportunity to not only spend time in my co-op’s room, but other teachers (with different subjects) classrooms as well.  What I have noticed, and I started to do while I teach as well, is that most all teachers take the time to paused during their lessons to check in with their students.  “How are we up to here?” “Thumbs up, thumbs down?” “Does this make sense to you guys?” Are some phrases that I have noticed that has been common amongst all teachers to see where their students are at with what they’re learning.  I have also noticed that the teachers all circulate their classroom while their students are working and watching them while they work.   These are two types of formative assessment that I have started to do while I teach as well. I circulate the class while they are working, I have noticed that the students are less afraid to ask a question or I can help a student more quickly as well.  I have as used the phrase “How are we up to here?” while I am teaching, this has allowed me to see how my students are doing and then I adapt my lesson accordingly.  If I ned to spend more time on a certain example or if I can speed through a certain topic quickly because they understand it well.

I have also completed my two types of summative assessment!  I got the students to complete a quiz on the three lessons that I have taught them (You can view the quiz in the document below). The quiz consisted of 4 questions each consisting of parts abcd.  Questions 1,2 and 4 were marked out of 8 (2 marks per questions), one mark for showing their work of how they got to their answer, and one mark for their answer.  Question 3 was out of 4 marks (one mark per question) because there was only one step the students needed to accomplish in order to complete the quiz.  The quiz total was out of 28.  The second type of summative assessment was a homework check.  The students will receive a mark out of 5 based on the completion of their homework, if it was in order, if they showed their work and if it was neat and tidy (you can see the rubric in the attached document below).

Something that I have found very helpful and I am happy my co-op was willing to share this with me was being able to look at her grade book!  My co-op has two copies of her grades, one in a binder and one online.  I have noticed that she split everything into categories and it keeps her very organized and all of her notes organized as well.  She has a section for each of her classes.  Within those sections there are sub-sections, where she has quizzes, assignments, homework checks, etc lined up.  She told me she ensures she includes the date it is assigned, the topic, what it is out of  in her categories when she assigns something to be assessed.  Once she gets her students’ work, she puts their mark under the category beside their name and highlights them once they are submitted online.    Since I have had my own opportunity to do some summative assessment, she has given me a page out of her binder so I can organize my own system of grading and how I would like to keep track of my students’ grades while I am teaching (You can see my copy on the document attached).

I feel as though in my first week of pre-internship I have been opened to an ample amount of assessment thus far.  I have viewed a grade book and have viewed many other teachers’, other than just my co-op’s, way of assessing formatively and summatively.  I cannot wait to see what the next two weeks bring because I’m sure I will be exposed to more ways of assessment as experience continues.   Please see the below word document that includes copies of the lessons I have taught thus far, pictures of the quiz/homework check rubric/marks recording, and types of assessment that I have used. 

Assessment examples/Lesson plans


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