Miss. Hillary Strain

“Oh, I thought they were new students!”

Well, the first week of pre-internship has come and gone and all that’s in my mind is where did that week go?!  This first week was a whirlwind, it almost seems like a blur with how fast it flew by.  It seems like it was just last week that I was meeting my students and now I am spending the weekend marking a quiz that they have completed on the first half of the topic I have taught them.  Although it has been a bit of a stressful, busy, and always looking ahead week, I am loving every minute being at the front of the classroom doing what I enjoy.

The one and only thing that I was worried about occurring, happened!  My partner, Courtney, and I got mistaken for students!  When our co-op introduced us to the class, a student shouted out “Oh, I thought they were new students!”.  I guess we blend it well with our students, since we’re both pretty short,but luckily the students aren’t treating us any differently now that they know we are teaching them.  I am teaching Foundations of Mathematics and Precalculus 10 for my whole 3 weeks of pre-internship. The first two days of the week were amazing.  It was very interesting to see how my lessons flowed together and the students were able to recall back from what we learnt the day before to help them figure out the lesson. The students also seemed to grasp the concept, solving fractional exponents, quite well.  I was pleased!  Wednesday, I had my first ever gong-show of a lesson.  The students were very hyper/crazy that day and I had a hard time trying to control and manage them at the same time as getting my lesson across.  The lesson that I was teaching that day, negative exponents, was an easy concept for them to grasp onto, which now looking back at the lesson is probably why the students were so wild that day.  I spent a lot of time trying to manage the class, I had to keep repeating “okay up here everyone!”  “listen” “eyes and ears up here” to get them to pay attention.  I learnt now that maybe I will be able to spend less time doing examples as a class, and just do one or to together to make sure they understand the concept and then let them work on their own.

Thursday, the power went out in the first period and didn’t turn on until after lunch.  They ended up sending the students home (cancelling school) at lunch time and we got the afternoon to prep and plan, which was nice!  This power outage pushed our quiz (on mon-wed topics) to friday (which I now get to spend the weekend correcting) and us as teachers had to adapt our planning for the afternoon/long term goals to the next day.  This experience allowed me to see what actually happens when us students get sent home.  Teachers still stay at the school and act like it’s an original work day.   Since we got to plan and work ahead, I am now all planned for next week!! So it will be nice to not have to plan and make my lessons the night before each day.

When I wasn’t teaching, I spent time in some other classes in the school.  I was in a Chemistry IB class, a Spanish class, a Core French class, a Creative Writing class, a Calculus class and various Math 9 classes (the school has split them up into ability levels so I saw a class very adapted, a average class and an advance class).  I want to keep spending time in other classes/subject areas because it is interesting to see how other teachers approach and teach things. I also got to see many different ways teachers adapted for students, different classroom management techniques and other things that I can and will be able to use in the future.  Overall, it’s been great first week and I am looking forward to what the next two will bring!


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One thought on ““Oh, I thought they were new students!”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a very interesting week, dealing with last minute changes and power outages! I really enjoy your title for this post and it’s actually because of it, that I decided to read yours to find out what happened. I’ve also feared students would think I am one of them; however as it turns out, I’m actually in elementary school working with middle years so that became less of a concern. Do you think the students will challenge you more because they feel you are too similar in age to them? Good luck teaching over the next couple weeks and I look forward to hearing what else you learn!

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