Miss. Hillary Strain

So this is what planning is like..

Well the second week has gone and past and I can’t believe there’s only one week left of pre-internship.  This week went by super fast as a whole but the days seemed to be pretty long and I believe it’s due to the amount of planning that I’ve had to do.  It was unreal,  I was planning about 2-3 lessons the night before they were supposed to be taught, on top of correcting homework checks/quizzes and preparing the final unit exam.  It’s been busy and a good experience but there has been some late nights!  I guess I better get used to it! ha ha

I’m continuing teaching my period 4 Foundations of Mathematics and Precalculus 10 class and it is going good!  The students are getting more conformable with me, as well as I am with them, and my students’ personalities are coming out and we’re starting to form student-teacher relationships as well.  It’s been great forming these because it makes the lessons and class time a little more fun for all!  This week, I also picked up a mother Foundations of Mathematics and Precalculus 10 class to teach in period 5.  My co-op and a co-worker planned that class together so they have been on the same timeline and are teaching the same things at the same time.  It was an amazing opportunity, I got to teach the same lesson back to back and I was able to make quick little changes to my lessons that were successful in period 4 to improve it in period 5.   It was great!  I also picked up a Math 9 class for two days of the week and got to teach there as well.  The students’ in that class were very quiet and it was hard to get any feedback on how the lessons were going, so it was a little hard to teach that class.

This week, the students didn’t have school on thursday due to 3-way conferences (parent-teacher-student interviews).  My partner, Courtney, and I got the opportunity to sit in on the conferences (if the parents’ allowed us) and see what they are all about.  It was really cool to see how these interviews operated from a teachers’ side of things.  Who would have thought that there was a little preparation that goes into them and the students’ were actually involved in the conversations.  This was a great experience for me and I am glad that most of the parents’ allowed us to listen in on the conferences.  It allowed me to see the little things that occur and what teachers do to aid the students who need some help.

As stated above, I am starting to form good student-teacher relationships with my FPC 10 class that I am teaching for the full 3 weeks.  It’s interesting to see all the students’ personalities come out, that weren’t out the first week of pre-internship, and how comfortable some students are getting with me.  Every day this past week, one of the girls in my class (who didn’t say one word for the first week I was teaching) complimented me on my outfit/appearance each day.  This completely shocked me and was quite out of the blue.   The last thing I thought my students would be thinking about/looking at was what I am wearing and my appearance.  This kind of made the whole role model/professional image come a reality to me in a way.  They’re not just there to learn, they notice the little things and stuff that you would least expect!

Overall, a great second week of pre-internship.  I have learnt a lot about the lessons that I’ve taught and have been making changes accordingly.   I’m loving the fact that I now know teaching is the right job for me!



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