Miss. Hillary Strain

3 weeks already?

Has it seriously been 3 weeks already?  This experience has flown by, I can’t believe that it’s over!  Unfortunately it’s back to classes for me and I’m sure going to miss teaching grade 9/10 math every day.  It’ll be weird being the student now and not the teacher. This final week wasn’t as busy and crazy as the first two.  My partner, Courtney, and I decided to get our week planned ahead of time so we could enjoy our last week rather then spending each noon hour photocopying/getting ready for our lesson, spending each evening planning and worrying about the lessons we have to create for the next day.

Looking back at my experience teaching I have realized how much I have grown compared to where I was on the first day of pre-internship.  I am much more comfortable being up at the front of the classroom and am not embarrassed/ashamed when I don’t know the answer to one of the students’ questions or if I make a mistake when trying to explain things.   Lesson planning has also become a lot easier to me, especially when I’m constantly teaching the same class so I could make consecutive lessons it seemed to go a lot smoother than it has in the past.  Something I realize that I still need to work on is word choice and content knowledge.  Although I did have an understanding of the topic that I was teaching, I need to be more aware about my word choices when explaining it to my students.  I have never realized that little words/changes in words while explaining something would make a difference in their understanding.

We also had another “first” in our teaching career this week!  Thursday our co-op was away and had a substitute come in, it just so happens that there was a fire in the science lab and the school had to be evacuated!  We didn’t get informed of the procedures for fire escape and the substitute didn’t have a clue either, we ended up just following the crowds of students out of the school.

It has been a great experience for these past three weeks and I have learned so much about myself as a teacher.  This experience has definitely clarified that I am where I’m supposed to be!  I now can’t wait for internship to begin.



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2 thoughts on “3 weeks already?

  1. You spoke about the experience you had with regard to the fire evacuation and not knowing the procedures the school had in place. After the fact when you were back in the school what did you find out? Was there a staff meeting discussing the happenings? If you did find out more on the matter what was the schools protocol? I had a similar experience involving a possible fire but it did not turn out to be a fire, rather just smoke and didn’t require an evacuation. This experience made me curious of what my school had established in dealing with these matters.

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome experience! I love how you’ve identified some next steps for internship. And like Kurtis, I’m curious about what happened after the fire. Glad that you were able to handle it safely!

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