Miss. Hillary Strain

Variety of Assessments

Looking back at my pre-internship experience I’ve realized how much more comfortable I am with assessment and how much of a variety of assessments I have been able to perform during my 3 weeks! I got the opportunity to complete the following types of Summative assessments:

Two Homework Checks – This was a mark out of 5 and the students were even given the rubric so they would know what to expect and have completed.  This was kind of difficult to mark believe it or not!  Some students would have all assignments handed in but not all the assigned questions completed so that affected the type of mark they got.  Also, some students handed everything in and had all the questions completed but didn’t show any work – so we have to give a lower mark due to the fact that they could have just copied the answers from the back of the book.

A Quiz – This was on the first three lessons that I taught. It was a short quiz and the questions covered the important questions that would demonstrate the students’ understanding on the content.  This was one of the assessments that took a bit of time to mark because these questions had multiple amounts of steps so I had to look into each part and determine from there how to grade.

A Unit Test – I got to create half of the unit test as my co-op teacher taught the first half of the unit.  It was interesting to choose which questions were out of how many points.  In one question there were sub questions a-d.  A-C all had the exact same points due to the fact there were only two steps to find the answer, however, D was out of 4 points because there was four steps the students had to complete to find the answer. Thus, the question overall was out of 10 even though there was only 4 questions.

In-class Assignment – This set up was the exact same as the quiz.  I chose to have a question from each section that we did and ensured that they covered the important aspects of each section.  This type of hand in assignment allowed me to see where the students were at with the material that we were learning and this is allowing my co-op to see if she needs to quickly go over something before she continues on with the unit.

I have been of course doing constant on-going formative assessment (which you can view in my previous posts) and adjusting my lessons and teaching strategies accordingly.  I have never realized that a teacher is always constantly assessing students all the time until I began teaching in my pre-internship.  As a teacher, I found that I was always trying to read my students and get feedback from them at certain points during my teaching so that I can adjust and re-explain things if needed.

 Here is a word document that contains my assessments and lesson plans for my last week of pre-internship Lesson Plans/Assessment


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