Miss. Hillary Strain

POST Pre-Internship

1) Now that I have completed pre-internship I am going to take the opportunity to reflect on my blog post PRE pre-internship.  We were asked to respond to 3 questions provided and my task today is to see if any of my responses have changed at all.  Looking back at the three questions, there is only one in particular that is a bit different.   In my first blog post, I discussed the topic of having my classroom become a little more student-centred.  I was all for this type of approach until I got into my pre-internship and began teaching.  I realized that now, my classroom needs to be a little bit of both, teacher and student centred, instruction. My students made it quite clear that they learnt best through direct teacher instruction, going through the notes together, taking each little step by step process in order to understand the concept.  I decided that this was most likely the way to go for the whole experience so that I can benefit their learning and not get my co-op behind schedule.   However, I did decide to change it up a bit as the experience went on.  I eventually got students to try examples on their own after we did one together, and then have a multiple amount of students come up to the board, write their answers out and then explain to the class how they came to the conclusion in which they did.  This I noticed, had my classroom to be a little bit of both, teacher and student centred, which ended up being quite successful in the long run.

2) This quote contains some very interesting points.  I have either already seen or experience while partaking in teacher education.  A line from this quote that Freese states are that pre-serveice teachers are “students at the same time that they are learning to be teachers” (2006).  Since I am a pre-service teacher, I can be the first to say that this is a very difficult situation to be placed in.  While I am out in the field, we must always have in mind the responsibilities and thoughts of a professional teacher.  Yet, after the experience we are put back into our regular classroom where we are the students and now have the task of completing all the assignments left and ensuring we are getting good grades in order to be successful.

The second part of this quote is something that seems quite obvious to me.  Freese declares that pre-service teachers need to “assume personal responsibility for their actions and performance and not blame the students or others for their problems” (2006). As teachers, we know that we should never blame others, like parents, students, or colleagues, for any of our problems that may arise.  We are always expected to take responsibility for our own actions.  As I was in the field, this was always in mind that I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for the actions that occurred and the success of my lessons.  However, when it came to assignments and other assessment moments, I noticed that the same students were doing poorly. These were the students that never took any notes, asked any questions, and just never paid attention to my lesson or the work that they were supposed to be doing.  So in a way,  this wasn’t my fault as most of the students were very successful in anything that I thrown at them.   Yet, there was the same bunch of students, whom didn’t put the effort into anything, who didn’t end up being successful.

Pre-internship gave me an experience that opened my eyes to many different aspects in the teaching profession and I have learnt a lot about myself while having the experience.  It is clear that I can’t be too hard on myself and that if a variety of instructional methods wouldn’t end up being successful, then it is OK to stick with having a little bit of both, teacher and student centred, instruction and learning.


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