Miss. Hillary Strain

Growth in EMTH350

1. Reading over your previous six (6) blog entries,

a. which one was your ‘favourite’ entry and why?

The entry I feel I benefitted from the most was the entry on different assessment strategies that we learnt from our classmates.  This allowed me to learn about different types of assessments that I never even heard about before.    I was able to apply what I learnt and what I blogged about in my pre-internship and I know I will be able to apply these strategies in the future.   This blog entry was the most practical entry that I feel we did and I am pleased that I am able to use what we’ve blogged about in the field.

b. which entry would you most like to ‘do over’ and why?

I don’t feel like I want to/should have to do over any of my blog posts.  Each blog entry that I did, I took the time to think about my answers and responded them with the best of my ability.  I feel as though I benefitted from each entry and took the time to learn about what I was blogging about.  Thus, I feel that I wouldn’t do over any of the posts that I submitted.

c. which entry did you learn the most about yourself as a learner and becoming teacher? Explain.

The entry I feel that I learnt the most about myself as a learner and teacher was the entry in which we had to watch videos  and write a letter to a friend about them.  I feel as this allowed me to take an in-depth look at what the teachers were doing and allowed me to make my own opinions and critiques about their teaching/assessment strategies.   By doing so, it allowed me to develop my own teaching perspectives and allowed me to view how I would approach things differently or similarly.

2. Create a blog entry you would like to have been asked to respond to but were not; after creating the blog entry question, respond to it.

What educational practice do you disagree on?

In certain schools there is a policy where students are not docked any marks/are penalized with not completing assignments/handing them in on time.  I feel as though the students are not benefitting form this and are developing bad habits for their future.   They can take their time to hand in and complete things yet when they enter the “real world” they will be penalized for these acts.  If a person arrives at work late or hands in an important topic for their career late there will be consequences.  So, why not get the students’ practising meeting deadlines and completing things so they will know what to expect later on.

3. Looking back on the EMTH 350 course this semester, describe two topics (areas of interest) you would like to have focused on more in this course that you feel would help shape your growth and learning in becoming a mathematics teacher.

Treaty Education.  I would have liked to learn more about how to incorporate Treaty Education into my lessons. This is a topic that is becoming very important in incorporating into a mathematics classroom and it would have been very useful and beneficial to be able to learn and get informed about any different techniques or strategies on how to do so.

Different Techniques to Engage Students.   I would have liked to learn different ways to engage students in my lessons.  Inquiry is a very good way to have students use their minds, discover their own answers in a fun and exciting way.  Yet, I would have liked to learn different techniques, other than inquiry, like different activities/teaching strategies/etc to be able to do so.

4. Looking ahead to internship in the Fall, describe two overarching goals you have (or want to) set for yourself. (If possible, connect these two goals to the learning you have had in this course or in your teacher education program in general.)

Organization.  I feel as though this is an important thing to do while teaching.  I need to keep myself organized throughout the whole experience.  I feel as though if someone is unorganized then they will not be able to perform to the best of their abilities and will not be able to be a good teacher.  Buying a binder and dividers to keep everything in order during internship for each subject that I teach will be a strategy I will use.  I will have one section for my lesson plans/handouts, one section for my professional development plans and another section for any resources that I may gather.  My goal is to keep everything in my binder and in the right sections. This way i will know where everything is and won’t have to worry about losing anything and I will be able to perform to the best of my abilities.

Get involved in the school/with students. I want to be able to make myself as known as I can in the school.  I want to be able to know my students’ names, talk to them inside and out of the classroom and get involved in any extracurricular activities that I can be able to help with.  I believe that this is important because students will see me more than just “the intern” that’s here to learn and then move on with life.




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