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Is this really necessary?

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Today I was rolling through Facebook and I came across a post from Global Regina News regarding a new feature on Facebook.  The article is about allowing Facebook users to choose who they want to “heir” to manage their account after they die.  In all honestly, this article startled me and was very shocking to me that something like this actually exists.  In a way, I can see the pros and the cons of this, but do we really need to make everything relate back to our online identity and keeping ourselves out there on social media after we are deceased?  What the new feature will have is that your “legacy contact” will be able to choose what happens to your account (keep or delete) depending on your wishes. He/she will have the accessibility to your account to either keep it and make it a memorial page (the word “remembering” will pop up beside your name) and this person will be able to upload/download photos and posts in your honour or they will be able to delete the account permanently.

The pros I see to this are that there is a permanent memorial page to honour and remember your loved one.  This way you can go onto their Facebook page and be able to look at all of their pictures, post on their wall with stories, memories or experiences that you’ve had with them and keep them around in your thoughts.  I really enjoy this point of the new feature. I would do anything to be able to “keep in touch” with anyone close to me that has passed away.

The cons I see to this is the pain that the “legacy contact” will have to encounter during this time. Even though the decision whether to keep your account or not is your decision, this person still has to deal with the duties that you wish.  This could be extremely hard for that person and could cause more pain than what you’ve intended. The thought that also popped into my mind was is this just facebook’s way of keeping their site popular and full of “users”?

You can find the article here, it gives more in depth details with the new feature on Facebook.

let me know what you think about the topic. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you want your account to be kept around after you pass away? Or is this just a way to keep Facebook popular and up to date?

Post a comment below, I am curious to see your thoughts and opinions.



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2 thoughts on “Is this really necessary?

  1. This is very interesting. I think this could be really useful in the classroom for students dealing with grief. Since they spend much of their life online why couldn’t social media help with their grief process as well. I think it could be hard for the person being the legacy contact as it might be difficult to handle the account on an emotional level.

  2. I agree with Kaylyn, this is very interesting. At first, I had the same reaction as you Hillary -Does this really need to exist? But after thinking about it, it may be useful, as Kaylyn said, for students dealing with grief. It may be that outlet for them.

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