Miss. Hillary Strain

Balloon Sword

My second balloon creation was a sword.  When I first saw this sword, I thought it was going to be quite tough because there are a lot of bubbles/manipulations in the same area.  Was I ever wrong!! This sword was easier to make than the dog that I first learnt how to make!

To help me make this, I used Christian Armour’s site tutorial.  Click HERE to view the page that involved step by step pictures and explanations how to make the sword.   I also used the following youtube video which didn’t have much explanation but gave me more of a visual and understand on how exactly to twist the sword and what to do.

There were four basic steps that I had to follow to create the sword.

1) Blow up balloon (the obvious) and leave a little bit of room at the end of the balloon to help the air get pushed through while twisting.

When I first did this with the pink balloon, I left too much room at the end so when I finished my sword there was still a part of the balloon that was empty. It looked pretty weird having a little pokey part at the end.  I made another sword, the green balloon, and cut it quite close to having no room, so it ended up being perfect! (See image below in step 4)

2) Fold the balloon three times (at the bottom of the balloon where you tie it) so that you form a “Z”


3) Twist right in the middle of the three folds.  This forms your handle and the two sides.

This step was quite terrifying because of how big the balloons were and how much pressure I felt while folding.  I also don’t have big hands so it was difficult to get a grasp on both sides of the 3 folds of the “Z” to twist them right in the middle. Luckily, I was able to do it and all the air did get pushed to the tip even though it was folded in 3 different places.

4) Form the sword into place.

I noticed when I was twisting the “Z” in the middle, it actually formed the handle itself. I just had to push the blade part of the sword into the middle of the two circles. The pink balloon is the first sword i made that I left some room at the end (unfortunately my picture cut it off but if you refer to the picture in step two it was very close to  the same size).  The green is the second sword i made.  There was still a bit of room left for air but not quite as noticeable.


There you have it!   I officially know how to make a sword.  This could be useful if I were ever hosting a carnival event or birthday party.  It’s very quick and easy to make and I’m sure both, boys and girls, would love it!



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