Miss. Hillary Strain


This past Tuesday, myself and my fellow ECMP 455 class, along with ECS 300 class, had the opportunity to participate in the SaskEdChat on Twitter. Usually the SaskEdChat is onThursday evenings at 8:00pm every week, however, the people who host the chat decided to have an extra special session on tuesday to help support us upcoming teachers. This was my second time participating in the SaskEdChat and it didn’t disappoint me once again! The chat is ran off of prompts that are given to you, there is a theme each week, and from there everyone participating tweets their answer using the hashtag and everyone can see anyone’s answers.  You can then reply to other people’s answers and form side conversations about the topic from there. The chat provides a lot of information and collaboration with other teachers in saskatchewan. We were even able to connect with people around the world, like Australia for example.  Although it moved very quickly and is a tad difficult to keep up with at times it is an excellent way to build your PLN. For more information on the saskedchat, click here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.27.21 PM

It is usually hard to keep up with all the tweets at once to I decided to use my TweetDeck to keep myself organized and it also made it a lot easier to follow the chat.  The column on the right displays tweets from the chat when the #SaskEdChat hashtag was used, as the chat was occurring the tweets would just appear as people tweeted them out so it was kind of like a life stream.


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