Miss. Hillary Strain

Twitter Overload? Where are you?

Lately I have been engaging a lot on twitter.  Through tweeting to others, participating in twitter chats and just using it as a resource for lesson plans and different projects that I am working on in the semester.  During one of the last twitter chats, #saskedchat, the image below was posted by one of the participants.  This made me think about what stage am I at now and where am I going to grow to be at?


I clearly remember going through the denial stage.  It was the time where everyone was starting to sign up for twitter and I remember thinking that I would never be apart of the jones.  I remember thinking it was just another type of social media that I was going to get addicted to and I don’t want to be apart of it.

The curiosity stage began when I entered University. I remember a lot of my profs talking about it during my first two years and them saying how useful it will be when we teach and become professionals. That’s when my curiosity began. I created a twitter and I started following people and using it for beneficial purposes. I was very into it for a few months and then I never got any responses to my tweets, new followers or any insights so I blew it off again. I was over it.

Right now I am in the AHA! stage.  I am now learning how to use twitter properly and how to gain followers and build my PLN. I am starting to participate in twitter chats, I am communicating more with other educators and sharing my resources as well. I am starting to get really engaged in this thing called twitter and I am loving the exploration and opportunities that are arising from it.

In a way I know I can see myself getting addicted/obsessed with this app and after awhile it becoming apart of me and my learning process as an educator.

What are all of you at in your twitter stage? What are your benefits? Any suggestions on how to grow or have more of a twitter life?

Let me know!



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