Miss. Hillary Strain

Hat days are the best days

Who isn’t a big fan of hats?! They are perfect for bad hair days, for greasy hair days and really now they are just a part of  a persons’ style! So finally, I decided that I would try to attempt to make a hat. This has always seemed challenging to me so I decided to do the Basic Balloon Helmet Hat.  This only uses one balloon and was actually done in three easy steps!

I used the following Youtube video to help me create the hat and I also used this balloon making website that had step by step instructions along with pictures that helped me learn how to do it as well.

There were 6 steps that I had to follow:

1) Blow the balloon up all the way – You can leave a little bit of space at the end if you like but it is not  needed.

2) Take the balloon and size it to your head. Just wrap the balloon around your head and make you mark where the two ends touch because that’s where you’ll make your first twist.


3) Where you landmarked your measurement, twist the two ends together, this will form a little bubble at one side of the circle.  That will be the base for your hat. At this point you will have a circle (where your head goes) and a long stem looking like thing coming out of it.


4) Take the long stem and arch it over to the opposite side of the circle.


5) Where the stem and the side meet, create a bubble at the end of the stem and then fold it underneath the the side of your circle and start folding it upwards, afterwards twist the two together.

IMG_3132_2 IMG_3131 IMG_3133_2

6) Voila! Your very own hat.

IMG_3135 IMG_3134_2


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2 thoughts on “Hat days are the best days

  1. Genius! Such easy simple steps to follow! What a cute idea to use in your classroom. I bet students would love making their own hats!

  2. That is great Hillary! I’m sure there are some fun ways you can incorporate this into your classroom or even just for fun days at school!

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