Miss. Hillary Strain

Made a new friend..

This week, I deiced to do something a little different for my learning project! I decided to do my own “inquiry” project and apply what I have learnt thus far to create my own balloon stick man!  I didn’t do any research or look at any videos to create this. I just did it all on my own, using my imagination and knowledge that I have learnt thus far.  I used 3 balloons to create this person and I just used the basic “Twist and Lock” technique to hold them in place.

Step 1: Create the Head/Body (green balloon).   To do this, I blew up the balloon almost all the way (I left above an inch of room at the end of the balloon to allow the air to move there after the twist). I took the end of the balloon, where the knot is, and folded it to form a circle towards the body. Where the knot and the body met, I used the “string” of the knot to twist the two parts together to form the head and to hold it in place. There was a little bit of room left at the bottom of the ballon, this ended up being perfect as it’s what I used to twist on the legs!

Step 2: Create the arms (blue balloon).  I blew up the blue balloon and left about a hands length of room at the end of it to allow air to be pushed to after the twist.  I realize now that that is way too much room to leave, I could have left about a half an inch and would have been good.  So after I blew up the balloon, I placed it underneath the body where I felt was the right place for the arms to be (about 1/4 of the way down) and centred the body in the middle of the blue balloon so it was proportioned. I then used the basic twist again to twist the two together.

Step 3: Create the legs (red balloon). Since I learned from my mistake with the arms, I decided to blow up the red balloon all the way for the legs to be successful/look good.  So once again, just like the arms, I lined up the middle of the blue balloon so that the legs would be even at the end little tip that was left in the green balloon. Once I lined them up, I then used the basic twist again to twist the two together. This finished the person and it looks great!!









So my first ever solo balloon creation was a success! Yes, there were some little mistakes and bumps in the creation but I feel like it turned out alright! What do you think??





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