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What are the chances..

Hi All!

So I came across this video today, it’s rather long but it’s worth the watch! It is one of the most honest and reality checking videos I have ever seen, because the narrator made some very valid and good points about the topic. Humans are so attached to technology and really they pretty much rely on it now a days. However, sometimes we also forget the possibilities and opportunities technology can potentially give us. In our ECMP 455 class, we get reminded constantly about the potential of technology and how it can connect us in many ways to help us with our learning.

The narrator started the following quote in the film and it seemed quite appropriate considering what I’ve been learning in ECMP 455. “The internet gives us the power to share a message to millions around the world. Therefore, when we still can, lets use our screens to bring us closer together rather than farther apart.” This makes me think about how we can use the internet to work and learn together now a days unlike others have never had the opportunity to before internet was invented.

The narrator also mentions, “Does technology show us how smart we really are? Or does it show how lazy we have become?”  It does seem like a lot of people are taking the easy way out and googling things rather than using problem solving to accomplish things, but who knows, that could just be my opinion. Thoughts?



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One thought on “What are the chances..

  1. When I’m faced with a new problem, one of the first things I do is usually google and see if other people have come across a similar problem. While I think there is a lot of useful information to be used, sometimes this distracts me from learning to think for myself, and problem solve. Sometimes I’ve become so dependent on the internet, that I lose the capacity to reason. As math teachers, I think one of our roles is to teach students to think. So I guess I’m going to have to learn to be less dependent on the internet to think 🙂

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