Miss. Hillary Strain

21 things..

Today as I was looking through our ECMP 455 class community page on google and came across this interesting read that one of my classmates has posted.  Below is a chart featuring what its author called 21 things every 21st century teacher should do this year. This chart is created by Sean Junkins based on a blog post by Carl Hooker.

As I was reading through it, I was reflecting on my schooling experience and realizing that it is nothing close to what I have experienced.  I grew up in a traditional classroom where it was direct lecture and no fun.  Looking at these 21 things teachers should do make me realize how much teaching and learning is evolving every year and becoming more technology, fun, discovery and online directed, which I think is great!

It’s good for use to keep in mind as teachers that we need to get the students to relate to our lessons as much as we can. Since our society is becoming more technology based and more focused towards what’s happening on Social Media, we should direct our lessons so that it incorporates that somehow and relates to their way of living.  What do you all think?

Make sure you read Carl’s original article for more details on each of the 21 ideas featured in the visual below.






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