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Swan towel? No, It’s a Swan Balloon!

Imagine, you’re on a plane heading to Hawaii for a nice relaxing vacation. You finally land, arrived at your resort, walked into your hotel room and the first thing you see is a nice Swan creation on your bed. But, it’s not an ordinary swan creation made out of towels, it’s made out of a balloon! IMG_3207

To create my swan, I used a website, which you can find by clicking here, and youtube video/page out of my booklet that came in my started kit, which are posted below.  Once again, the website helped me read and completely understand what I was supposed to be doing as the Youtube video was very fast paced, didn’t explain things well and expected that you knew everything in order to create this. Something that I didn’t know what to do that was required for this type of creation was an ear twist. An Ear Twist is another type of twist that is used to help keep the balloons locked into place.


Step One: You had to blow up the balloon and leave about a fist length of room at the end to create the beak.

Step Two: At the end of the balloon where the knot is.  Make a bubble about the size of two hands and do a basic twist to hold it in place, from here bend that bubble so it is parallel with the rest of the balloon and where the two meet twist the two together to make the two lock in place (just above the knot).  To ensure that the two bubbles are locked into place, take the “String” of the knot and push/pull it through the centre of the two bubbles.  

Step Three: Where you just locked the balloon circle in place, you need to make a little tiny (about an inch) “bubble” just underneath the lock. From here, you are going to fold the straight balloon down so it is parallel with the other balloons.


Step Four: This is where the EAR TWIST. comes into place. As you can see in the second picture below where everything is lined up and the little bubble is on top, you are going to pull the little bubble up a little bit and twist it around ontop of it. This will secure/lock that little bubble into place on top of both of those parts of the balloon, one on each side of it.  You will now have a circle (looking like the base of the balloon hat we made earlier), a little bubble, and then a long stem.


Step Five: Take the long stem and twirl/roll it up until it touches the little bubble. This will kind of look like a snail. You will hold it here and pinch it together for about a minute. What it is doing is making the balloon bend.  After that minute, you will let go and the long stem will now have a curve.


Step Six: You are going to push the curve through the middle of the circle.  Make sure there is a little bit of a curve left underneath of the balloon. The rest of the curved part of the stem will be left standing up but unfortunately it is backwards.   









Step Seven: The final step is to make sure that the swan’s neck/face is turned the right way so there is a final twist to do. In the first picture below, where my thumb is, you are going to do a basic twist. DO NOT twist it with the body as that will affect the shape. So just so a basic little twist to make it face the other way and Voila! You have your swan.  You can add eyes/eye lashes to give the animal some character.



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2 thoughts on “Swan towel? No, It’s a Swan Balloon!

  1. Janet on said:

    You just get better and better ever project! I think you need to be hired out for children’s birthday parties!!

  2. Bill on said:

    Nice, very cute & classy. Now if I may, negate some of that class. In step 3 & 4 photos, it looks very much like a penis nudging a woman’s clitorus at the top of her vulva. Sorry, I’ve had too much time with my face between a woman’s thighs. hehe

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