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I have the following certificates..

1) Coping with Grief Workshop (2015)

2) OCRE 2014 (Math Workshop)

3) History of Treaty Making/Teaching Treaties in the Classroom Workshop 2013 (Treaty Education Workshop)

4) Math Camp (2013 – helped correct tests)

5) Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Piano

6) Grade 2 Rudiments Piano Theory

7) Level 1 Swimming Fundamentals Coach

8) Making Ethical Decisions – Community Sport

9) National Lifeguard Service (NLS) / AEC / CPR C / AED / LSI

10) WHIMIS (2014)


Back at it!

Hello bloggers!

It’s been awhile!!  I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up that I will be posting weekly blog posts amongst a variety of subject areas.  I will have some field experience posts, some reading responses in my Math and ECS classes, some posts of my learning journey and maybe just of random subjects in general.  Hope to hear some feedback from anyone who is still following me!


Laughter is the best medicine

So i’ve been kind of down in the dumps lately and nothing has seemed to cheer me up until today.  I spent most of my time today after class watching youtube videos.  My favorite videos to watch are:  Macel The Shell with Shoes On and it’s sequel.  Marcel is a shell who wears shoes, he is directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp and his voice is performed by actress, comedienne, writer and 2009-2010 SNL cast member Jenny Slate. The short films were written by both Jenny and Dean and the videos have both become a huge hit on youtube.  I suggest if you would like to smile and perhaps even laugh, to check them out!



**  Warning:  This note is a complaining note.  I suggest you don’t read it if you do not feel like hearing me rant. **

My grade 10 year i finally saved up enough money to buy my first car, well my parents and I split it half and half but still, I bought it.  Anyways, it is a 2003 chevy cavalier and it was an amazing little car.  I was in love with it (as you can tell in the picture below) up until this past year.  This car started to burn oil, and when i mean burn oil, i mean burn oil.  This car just loves to eat it up, she does it like it’s her day job!  I spend more money on oil than i do gas.  For example: I have to add about 3 quarts of oil to my car for my 2 hour drive home to Swift Current.  I’m getting so annoyed with this vehicle that i just had to complain about it!

Thank you for putting up with my ranting blog, if you took the time to read it that is.

What’s good?

Most of us students are stressed, homesick, etc.  so A lot of our blog posts and twitter posts seem rather depressing to our teacher Dean. Which i must admit, i am guilty! I have been making some sad tweets haha so in ECMP355 last night, Dean opened the class with the question “What’s good?”  He wanted to know the good things in our lives. It didn’t matter what it referred to,it didn’t have to just focus on life it general it could be anything – the weather, what you had for supper, your favorite sports team, anything!

When Dean asked this question the immediate thought running through my mind was: How is life good? I’m a stressed, broke university student who is homesick and just wants this semester to be over with!  But once Dean kept on talking about how it’s not about just life in general it could be about anything, it made me realize that we never stop to cherish the little things.  I need to stop looking at things as a whole.  There are other little moments, events or occurrences that i experience throughout the day that i never seem to recognize that do actually make life fun and interesting.

Some little things are: The food I eat.  I am lucky enough to have a great mom who made me a mini lasagna a couple weekends ago that i could bring here to Regina, freeze it, and heat it up whenever i wanted to have a great supper.  I am also lucky enough to have enough money to buy the food i want and to have an open selection to anything that i would like to try, instead of living off the classic university kraft dinner and grilled cheese diet.  The little funny text messages or voicemails that i receive from friends are another thing, something i just read and pass on.  I never really have realized how much those little things brighten my day, i can look back and reread texts or relisten to voicemails that have been sent to me and make me in a much better mood.

This question “What’s Good” was a good realization for me.  I am guilty for not looking and appreciate the little things that happen in life.  I need to stop looking at what is happening in general that could be bringing me down or putting me in a bad mood, stop letting little things bug me that shouldn’t and start looking at the little things that really brighten up the day.  These little things, even if it’s just the sun coming out and melting all the disgusting snow and ice away can really make your day better if you focus on it.

Will this ever end?!

This week just began and i already want it to be the weekend!! Like holy cow, there is so much to do and so little time! I have never seen my agenda this busy in my life.. can i say stressed?!  I have so many essays and just random papers to do, i have a french chapter test friday, a math midterm next week (which is going to be the hardest thing of life) and just general homework ontop of it all! I feel like i have hardly any time to do anything! Looks like i gotta meditate tonight and hopefully it will work this time round because i need to get things off my mind!!

I feel like i am constantly doing work! I never get one day to relax, i’m always constantly doing school work or constantly studying. My roommate and lots of my friends hardly have any homework and it’s not fair at all! Why can’t i get some time to just relax and be stress free? Looking at my next semester, it’s definitely not going to be! ugh.

On a brighter note, i just realized that this is the last month of school! HOW CRAZY IS THAT. This semester has flew by! I feel like i just started university the other week… I can’t wait to be done school, i need that 3 week long break! I need to just relax and do nothing for once.

Well to close this ranting note (sorry to those who read it) i will end with lyrics from the band  O’Jays..

“Living for the weekend everyday!!”

Turkey Coma

Do i ever love Thanksgiving!! This past weekend was a good one that’s for sure! I got to spend time with family who i haven’t seen in a long time, got to spend time with friends and got to relax a lot as well.. I luckily finished all my homework that was assigned for the weekend the week before so i didn’t have to worry about any homework and just got to relax!

My mom had both sides of my family down and in total for the families that could attend we had about 20 people in our house, so it was nice and cosy! I loved spending time with all my cousins and family that day, i especially loved all the food! I ate a lot.. especially turkey and mashed potatoes.. my favorite!!!

Going back to school yesterday was rough, all the late nights and being able to sleep in definitely killed me. It ruined my sleeping pattern so it took me awhile to fall asleep on monday night then having to wake up at 7 tuesday was rough. My english teacher said that all of us are all in a deep Turkey Coma, which i know for sure i am!! I have never been this tired and so unmotivated to do anything!!

How are you guys feeling after the weekend?

Those with Blackberries, Are you guys having trouble with bbm and internet as well?

Past few online sessions

So the last few classes we have been having a lot of guest us different techniques on how to use the internet and such to help us in class.

Shelly Terrell  was one of the guest speakers and taught us a lot about P.L.E (Personal Learning Environments) pretty much just different places on the web to learn techniques of how to help you teach in a classroom. As teachers we want to influence our students to be passionate an love learning so that they will become life long learners.

David Jake  was also a guest speaker, he taught us a lot about the visual aspect in things about how less is more. How to stay on the legal side of things when you make presentations or post on your blog or website. He told us that people learn much better from words and pictures than from just one alone. Which i do agree, i learn better when i can visualize and talk about the picture. It’s way easier to remember. When we blog or add pictures to anything, we need to keep in mind to use images to communicate don’t decorate.

I always knew that less was more when it came to things, but i never really realized how true it was when i got examples shown to me.

– Hillary

Home is where the journey first begins..

Can it just be next weekend already? I can’t wait to go home… This time next week i will be laying on the couch, relaxing in my home home. I really just hope this week flies by. I have a lot a lot of assignments, essays and tests this week so i’m thinking that those will make this week just drag by. So fingers crossed that it won’t.

Family comes first<3

This is my family. (Left to right) My big brother, Jordan, my dad, Chris, me and my mom, Janet. I never thought that i would become homesick or miss them because all of my friends from home are here in Regina. But after skyping with my parents i realize just how much you miss them, especially the little things. My mom, all her energetic psychoness. Pushing my dad out of the screen so she could fully be in the picture while skyping. While she talks her hands fly everywhere.  My dad, just how he is always so calm and looks on the better side of things. Never taking the bad into account. How he pretends to act cool by trying to say all the “young” slang. My big brother, even though we talk every day, i just miss the little things. Us fake fighting, wrestling, just our bonding moments of being stupid together.

I never thought i would miss just the littlest things. Maybe i’m a baby, or just being ridiculous. But i do miss them, and i just can’t wait for next weekend to come so i can see them all again. Along with the rest of my family because it’s Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving – A time where my whole family gets together and just rocks it.  My mother hosts Thanksgiving every year and the whole family comes to our house to have a big reunion, we eat, drink and just have a good time together. I have never been this excited for Thanksgiving to come around ever in my life. I don’t know if it’s just because i’m going through my first little stage of homesickness or if i just can’t wait to eat turkey and ham but  I can’t wait to see my parents, big brother and all my my cousins and relatives. We always get our food and head downstairs to watch the football game, but our main tradition is our 7-11 run. We always walk to 7-11 after we eat and buy slurpees. I don’t know how or why we started it, but ever since i can remember after supper we walk to 7-11 to get slurpees.

Like I said before, it’s the little things that i’m missing the most. All the little traditions and the way people act, you don’t realize how much you’d miss it until it’s gone. I guess that’s the main reason why i can’t wait to go home next weekend. Let’s get this week to fly by!


Thank god for great friends!!


So i forgot to mention that my friend Bryn was up this weekend as well and what a nice guy he is! He set up my bbq!! My roommate afton and i had no idea how to set it up, so thank god for him!! We can officially bbq now!! woooo

I also have no idea what to do for my learning project. I can’t think of anything to learn that won’t be boring!! Leave a comment with some ideas maybe? 🙂


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