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Tech Task #10

“One of our options for the Tech Task this week was to create an about.me page”

This was one of our options for the tech task this week.  I decided to make one, i only have three services on my page but that will do for now.  Hopefully i will eventually expand my internet knowledge and add other services to it.



Tech Task #10

“Choose a specific outcome from the Saskatchewan Curriculum. List it it and find 2-3 Smartboard activities or plans that would meet that outcome. Post the links to your site and add any commentary about the difficulty and/or modifications you might need to make. “

I went on the website exchange.smarttech.com and found some really cool smart board applications that would work really well in a classroom.

1) Gumball Math This application would work really well in a grade 1-3 classroom. It’s a simple way of to help kids figure out how to do addition and subtraction. It uses different colors to make it exciting and fun and then it also helps visually by being able to see all of the different things you have to add/subtract. For example: Amy bought 4 blue gumballs. Then Any bought 3 yellow gumballs. How many gumballs does she have all together?. You will put 4 blue circles (gumballs) in one square and 3 yellow circles (gumballs) in the other and then you can easily visually see and it will help how you do the math.

2) Down On The Farm This is an application particularly for kindergartens, maybe even grade one. This smartboard application uses a lot of hands on work. The kids can pull away blocks to reveal the name of the animal, drag the name to of the animal to the picture of the animal. The kids can also click a certain dot and it will play a sound, then they will have to erase the box to reveal what animal it is and all different types of applications like that to help the children learn animals. They will be able to learn very well because of all the hands on work and visual activities.

Tech Task #9

“In the spirit of sharing, add one of the following to your blog:

  • Shelfari (books)
  • Diigo (bookmarks)
  • Youtube
  • Twitter (if you don’t already have it on your blog)
  • Other widget that you can easily share content
If you not using any of these services, you’ll need to create an account. Consider sharing things are are valuable to you as opposed to simply completing the exercise. Also consider blogging about it. “
Yesterday night we had the wonderful opportunity to join Alec Couros’s class and watch my prof, Dean Shareski, do a presentation for Alec’s class.  Dean talked about sharing.  So this week the tech task is to find something to share.  It was kind of convenient that this is this weeks tech task.  I have about an hour and a half break in between each of my classes on tuesdays so i decided to do a major update on my blog. I decided to do a new theme and added some different widgets onto the side of my blog. One of them was twitter!! So if you look at my blog, on the right side of my page twitter will appear. It’s right under the calendar widget. I’m using twitter a lot lately, so i hope you’ll get some laughter out of some of my tweets.

Tech Task #8

“Find and play an educational game. Write a short review on it. Consider Sylvia’s perspectives and your own as your write. “

I remember back in middle school when we would have a free class in the computer lab we were aloud to play games, but the catch was that we had to play educational games. I remember the website that i always went to was www.factmonster.com so i decided to check it out today.

Being the math geek as i am, i obviously picked a math game to play. The game was under the category “Fraction Cafe” and the game title was “Compare Fractions Using Pictures”  So i decided easy enough i will choose that one to do my review. As i started playing it, i realized it was hardly about learning fractions at all. What we had to do was just look at the pizza that they created which they cut into slices and decide if the slices they cut were “fair” or “not fair”

I think that if they really focused on more of what type of fraction they cut it into it would be more of an educational game. This game is more of a visual game, you don’t really need to know your fractions in order to play. You just have to be able to see if the pieces that he cut were even or not. I would personally not use this in a classroom, they don’t use any information about fractions or teach anything about fractions. So if you don’t understand how to do fractions, it doesn’t matter because it’s a visual game. You just have to be able to tell if the pieces are fair or not fair.

Tech Task #7

“Write a blog post about this session. Include some ideas and links you found interesting. Discuss ways you might incorporate these ideas into your classroom.”

This week we had a very interesting presentation by Silvia Tolisano. We learnt some different ways to connect our learning globally and that if you want to have Globally Connected students, you must be a Globally Connected teacher. There were many different examples that Silvia showed us but there were two in particular that stood out to me.

1) Skyping 

2) Silvia’s own idea “Teddy bears around the world” 

The skyping idea really made me think how cool that would be in a classroom. I know if one of my teachers had us skype with another class from somewhere in Europe i would be really interested in that. I think it would be very interesting for students to see how people on the other side of the world get taught or how they learn. I’m not too sure how that would work with me being a math major and all, but i definitely think my students would find it really cool to see other kids get taught math or how their working environment is like. I know when i was in high school most of the students talked during class and did hardly any work, but i’m thinking over in asia (because they are so dedicated and focused) that my students would be really shocked on how hard  the student sin asia work during class and how much they get done. That could perhaps  make some students here see that they do need to get down and crack open the books.

In Silvia’s blog she made a “Teddy bears around the world” page. In summary, she pretty much made up different types of Teddy Bears that live in different parts of the world, in her blog it allows students to follow the Teddies and learn about different cultural events or just information about that part of the world the Teddy is in. I know i wouldn’t personally do this in my high school classes, but i think that this type of project would be wonderful in an elementary school classroom. The kids would have a blast creating the Teddy and making up different events and activities it does. They could also just have one Teddy then let it travel to the different countries as they learn throughout their history class. On top of them having fun creating this type of project, they are also learning about different parts of the world, so all in all it’s a great idea that Silvia came up with!

Tech Task #6

“Post your group’s video to your own blog. Write about the process, your contributions and learning.”

Hillary Strain, Courtney Adams and Leeanne Najborowski

Update: I think we have it so the video is public now. Don’t be too hard of critiques, this is our first video ever made using the “iMovie” app on macbook pro so we didn’t really know how to do some effects!

The process took a long time, we didn’t know where to video tape our project, how we should video our project  and the time limit we had in class was very difficult to finish without doing it out of class. We all contributed to the video evenly, we all did the same amount of time being video taped and all helped putting ideas together to make this video as great as we could. We all learnt how to use the “iMovie” app. on the mac book pro, it was all our first time using it so we had some difficulties at the beginning but once we got used to process we finished it. I hope you enjoy our amateur video, this is as good as it gets!

Tech Task #3

“Find 5 blogs you want to follow and 10 people to follow on twitter. These can be educators or anyone else you want pay attention to. Write a blog post about your choices linking to each source.”

Hey online world! The tech task for this week is listed as above. I chose the following blogs and people to follow on twitter for simply one reason: Interest.  I can read them and learn from them but also get a good laugh and a smile  from some as well! I’m a big quote girl, i love reading them. Lots bring back memories or just make me smile! I love to read about celebs and some of my favorite artists. The blogs i chose i will learn lots from. I need to learn more about cooking and how to do makeup haha, and me and my roommate are starting to get into the gym routine, so i will hopefully learn some great things from the fitness blog. The people and subjects i decided to choose are listed below, enjoy!


1) Perez Hilton:  http://perezhilton.com/

2) Cooking: http://cookingwithamy.blogspot.com/

3) Fitness: http://www.femalefitnessblog.com/

4) Makeup/beauty: http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com/

5) Quotes: http://cutesayingsquotes.wordpress.com/2008/08/08/xanga-cute-quotes/


1) Dierks Bentley: http://twitter.com/#!/DierksBentley

2) Eminem: http://twitter.com/#!/Eminem

3) Blake Shelton: http://twitter.com/#!/blakeshelton

4) Quotes: http://twitter.com/#!/TheQuoteWhore

5) Keith Urban: http://twitter.com/#!/KeithUrban

6) Quotes: http://twitter.com/#!/TheNoteboook

7) Brotips: http://twitter.com/#!/Brotips_HQ

8 ) Ellen DeGeneres: http://twitter.com/#!/TheEllenShow

9) Oprah Winfrey: http://twitter.com/#!/Oprah

10) Tyra Banks: http://twitter.com/#!/tyrabanks

Tech Task #2

“Create a google form and embed it on your webpage. The form can be basic but you may want to ask a few questions or seek information that you might actually find useful.”

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