Miss. Hillary Strain

Teaching Philosophy

Since I am a Pre-Service teacher, I just want to inform you that my Philosophy is constantly changing with the experiences that I have. 

Lessons need to be engaging, exciting and full of life, which can be challenging in a Mathematics classroom. Math is a challenging but very rewarding subject to take part of and it is my job as a teacher to make my classroom one that all students can’t wait to get to.  I am a very down to earth, energetic, and amusing person so I believe that acting myself and applying my personality into my teaching and classroom environment, this won’t be a problem.

One way I believe I can achieve this goal is by making my classroom a welcoming, risk-free environment. I want my students to feel comfortable and at home in my classroom.  Building a strong student-teacher relationship is key to forming this type of environment so they aren’t afraid and dread coming to my classroom. I can achieve this by interacting with my students, getting to know them, showing my true self, and making sure they realize my door is always open for them to come to. This way they won’t be afraid to act themselves in class, ask me any questions, or respond to any that I ask.

In order to have a successful learning environment, I must achieve the goals I set above but also make my classroom more student-centered as well.   Their interest, abilities, and overall learning styles for the subject will be things I need to keep in mind while I teach.  Rather than strict lecturing, my lessons can be more activity based or student involved.  Having students up at the board completing a question and explaining their answer to the class is a way that I can get my classroom more student-focused.  Each student learns differently and it is my responsibility to make my lessons suit each and every student’s learning needs.  I can include visual representations, have class discussions, use technology, and make connections to the world and their life in my lessons.

Classrooms also need to be exciting, interactive, engaging and amusing to go to.  I will do this by including technology like smartboards, comics, jokes, pictures, and anything else that students can relate to into my lessons.  Using active approaches such as getting the students up at the board, working in groups, or playing mathematical games are other ways students can learn and get out of the usual routine of learning. When students are engaged, they become more excited and willing to learn which makes the classroom a positive environment to be in.  Although technology and certain activities may be hard to incorporate, it is always important for a teacher to go outside of the classic ways of teaching to help the students become more engaged and willing to learn.




One thought on “Teaching Philosophy

  1. Great start here. I like the disclaimer at the top, but I don’t think your philosophy will ever be set in stone – it will continue to evolve throughout your career! Next step here is to think about how you can back up what you are saying – how can you link to lesson plans that demonstrate how you are enacting these beliefs in the classroom?

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