Miss. Hillary Strain

Pre-internship Goals

I am changing some of my pre internship goals, first reason because I would like to focus more on 4 main goals to accomplish over the time I spend during my time at the school.  Also, after the first week of being at the school I have realized that 10 goals may be hard to achieve.


This goal wasn’t one of my original goals when I first set them but I have realized that it is a very important thing to do while teaching.  I need to keep myself organized throughout the whole experience.  This first week I have had a lot of random papers everywhere in my binder (lesson plans, hand outs, hand ins, professional development plans, etc) and I have been having a hard time trying to keep things in order and not get lost.   Yesterday, I bought a binder and dividers to keep everything in order during my whole pre-internship experience.  I will have one section for my lesson plans/handouts, one section for my professional development plans and another section for any resources that I may gather.  My goal from now on is to keep everything in my binder and in the right sections. This way i will know where everything is and won’t have to worry about losing anything

Try to teach up to 3 classes if I have the opportunity/Gather Resources

Since we get to spend a total of 3 weeks during pre-internship, I would like to teach as many classes as I can so I can build my teaching knowledge and experience.  I have been assigned a grade 10 math class to teach for my whole experience here and I would like to make connections and associate with other teachers to be able to teach some of their classes if possible. This is a great opportunity to teach any classes I have the opportunity to so I can learn and get more experience.  I would like to teach any math class if possible, a french class, and maybe even a class out of my subject area.  Gathering resources is also new goal that I have made since I have spent my first week teaching.  I believe that teaching is sharing and we should all collaborate together to make our lessons best.   When observing or even teaching in any class I would like to try and get my hands on anything that I find interesting, that I may be able to use in the future, and even share what I have done as well.  I have been doing this so far my photocopying, taking pictures and taking notes on little things that have occurred/been said.  I want to get anything that I think it’ll be useful for me in the future or help me grow as a teacher.

Get involved in the school/with students

I want to be able to make myself as known as I can in this school.  The school I am placed at is very large, there’s over 1500 students,  so this goal may be pretty hard to accomplish.  I want to be able to know my students’ names, talk to them inside and out of the classroom and get involved in any extracurricular activities that I can be able to help with.  I believe that this is important because students will see me more than just “the intern” that’s here to learn and then move on with life.


I would like to have the opportunity to do some summative assessment during my pre-internship experience.  I know I will constantly be doing formative assessment while I am teaching and circulating throughout the classroom to see how my students are doing but I would also like to have the opportunity to do some summative assessment, whether that is through a quiz, homework check, or exam.  I would like to have the experience of creating a test/rubric and actually being able to correct a students’ work based on my own opinions and expectations.


One thought on “Pre-internship Goals

  1. Hi Hillary – this is a great set of goals, but can you expand a bit on how you plan to get these things done? Pick 3 or 4 and explain what you are doing to work towards these goals.

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